Une nouvelle version de JCE a été mise à disposition : la release 2.5.12. Cette mise à jour fixe un grand nombre de bugs déclarés depuis la version 2.5.11


Nouvelle release de JCE : 2.5.12

Quoi de neuf dasn cette nouvelle version ?

Ensemble des bugs fixés :

  • Fixed: Image src attribute value removed on drag&drop upload.
  • Fixed: Detection / processing of Vimeo URLs
  • Fixed: Browser caching when compression enabled (fixed etag header)
  • Fixed: Improve error messages when server returns and invalid JSON response.
  • Fixed: Remove linebreak in Source Code view when HTML contains long lines.
  • Fixed: Preview styling from template stylesheet when compression enabled.
  • Fixed: Editor scolling.
  • Fixed: Spaces removed when inserting links in Chrome.
  • Fixed: Removed wmode parameter in Youtube iframes.
  • Fixed: Add wildcard attribute value to Extended Elements if no attributes specified.
  • Fixed: Updated Extended Elements description to include attribute requirement.

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