Une nouvelle version de JCE a été mise à disposition : la release 2.5.9. cette mise à jour fixe un certains nombre de bugs comme l'amélioration des messages d'erreur de téléchargement, amélioration des insertions dans la règle horizontale ou un meilleur support de la définition des listes


Nouvelle release de JCE : 2.5.9

Quoi de neuf dasn cette nouvelle version ?

Ensemble des bugs fixés :

  • Fixed: White screen when loading editor on HHVM.
  • Fixed: Default width and height values in window popup.
  • Fixed: Toolbar icon display issues caused by box-sizing style in template stylesheet.
  • Fixed: Errors when using PSpell/Aspell for the spellchecker.
  • Fixed: Adjacent blockquotes are no longer merged.
  • Fixed: Updates paths so extension can be installed using cli / composer
  • Fixed: Font forecolour / backcolour default values not applied.
  • Fixed: Font forecolour / backcolour labels and descriptions in Plugin Parameters.
  • Fixed: Bootstrap grid classes display correctly when using Show Block Elements.
  • Fixed: Fix Horizontal Rule insert so that onlyand tags are split.
  • Fixed: Valid space between tags removed when switching between Source Code view and WYSIWYG.
  • Fixed: Fix Definition List formatting.
  • Fixed: Remove attempt to set memory limit on install.
  • Changed: Improve upload error messages.
  • Changed: Optimise upload file checks.
  • Added: xlsm added as valid Mime Type.

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