Jevents 3.4.10

Mise à jour corrective pour le gestionnaire d'agenda Jevents, en particulier sur les ACL de Joomla et de nouvelles options d'onglet calendrier

Jevents 3.4.10 : une mise à jour corrective

Correction de bugs et mise en compatibilité avec Joomla 3.5, cette mise à jour de JEvent n'est pas accessoire

Bug fixes

  • v. 3.4.10 Fix for setting ACL permissions in Joomla 3.5+, fix image scaling issue in JEvents 3.4.9, Implement translatable customfields, force mini-cal to not use jQuery caching, new options tab for mini-calendar for better understanding
  • v. 3.4.9 Fix for saving JEvents translations and minor fix in saving events - due to Joomla 3.5.0 code changes.
  • v. 3.4.8 Fix for overnight repeating events less than 1 day long (problem introducted in 3.4.5 with Brazil timezone fix), workaround for Joomla 3.4 and 3.5 differences in jInput filtering assumptions.
  • v. 3.4.7 Fix for error in modal window creation in JEvents 3.4.6
  • v. 3.4.6 Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7.0 compatability changes, clean up duplicate layout entries in DB on some servers, add first and last repeat columns to event list layout options, config option to hide or show repeats in event list view, add RGBA opaque background colour option, fix for translation of locations overriding locations plugin output, set  grey background of fieldsets using CSS classes rather than inliine CSS.
  • v. 3.4.5 fix jump to month in geraint layout. config option to disable multi-day events, allow calendar module with tooltips to link directly to speciric event instead of day list, fix for conflict event checking on some servers, enable day selection for irregular repeating events as config option, fix required to support sized images in the images addon, improved error message if event cannot be viewed on the menu item on which iw was created, fix weely repeat by day date choice when start date is changed, fix for ical ownership during creation/editing, add locations etc. to sidebar, remove mootools usage in required fields checking, support jeventd start of week in joomla date picker, cache fix for popup print page, UTF-8 iCal import fixes, fixes for clock changes impacting on repeating events with special case handling for Brazil, fix for custom module field parsing when used in prejevents position, touch start support for mini-calendars

Certification Joomla

Tous les membres de l'équipe Agerix ont obtenu leur certification administrateur joomla!

certification administrateur joomla


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