Mise à jour corrective pour le gestionnaire d'agenda Jevents

Jevents 3.4.4 : une mise à jour corrective

C'est en effet essentiellement des corrections mineures sur cette nouvelle version dont voici la liste :

Bug fixes

  • add manage event icon support in list views (via layout editor),
  • use Jevents cache script to allow us to avoid Joomla cache on dbmodel queries,
  • fix for keyword search query (caused a problem on some repeated events when location managed was installed),
  • cralwer menu item to use at least 100 events at a time,
  • fix for large dataset db query in backend, fix for canonical URL for event detail page,
  • remove some deprecated function calls,
  • add copyright comment helper method,
  • fix for calendar tooltips (sometimes first date looked different to the others),
  • add support for countdown in list views,
  • add support for allcategoryimgs to layout editor, for for enddate/time issues for multi-day events with no end time in latest events module,
  • run custom module through content plugins (to allow support for toggling etc.)