We hire Joomla developpers!

Are you the one we are looking for?

If you think that Joomla is on the decline and that in order to do complex and high value-added projects we should change to another CMS, go away, this page is not for you!

On the other hand, if you think that Joomla is a great tool on which it is possible to develop complex business applications, then let me tell you our story. 

Agerix® was created in 2008. As a user of the Joomla CMS since 2006, it was natural that the first sites were created with Joomla. Coming from a corporate IT background, I wanted to apply to my projects what I was doing in corporate intranet. And the field of possibilities was incredibly wide with Joomla! Even with version 1.5 it was possible to develop complex, stable and sustainable components.

Very quickly we realised that we had to develop our own business applications because there are excellent components on extensions.joomla.org but as they have to be compatible with a large community of users, the customisation requested by our clients quickly became incompatible with our maintenance contracts and the obligation to update all our sites.

We have therefore become for several years those whom customers call to develop all kinds of applications that they couldn't find elsewhere. As Emmanuel Danan, our lead developper (and "dad" of the famous CCK Flexicontent) says "as soon as there is a five-legged sheep, it is for us! :)

In the last three years alone, we have developed nearly two hundred applications, from the smallest to the most complex (several months of development).

Join a dynamic team and get involved in exciting projects with high added value!

The reason we are looking for developers today is that we have just won some very large support and maintenance contracts and we are experiencing a huge increase in business.

So we need two or three freelance Joomla developers to handle this flow. Ideally component developers, given the demands we are receiving. Projects will be co-developed with our team and will be offered according to availability and skills.

Join a dynamic team and get involved in exciting projects with high added value.

As an involved member of the Joomla community for over 11 years, I know there is great talent in this community.
If you have the possibility to take on projects in addition to your own, contact us and let's talk about it 😉

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