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HikaShop : la solution ecommerce pour Joomla!

Hikashop 2.6.0

HikaShop : la solution ecommerce pour Joomla!

21 Ajouts de fonctionnalités, 74 Améliorations de fonctionnalités existantes et 93 bugs fixés, cette version 2.6.0 est une mise à jour à faire rapidement sur vos sites !

Quoi de neuf dans cette version Hikashop 2.6.0 ?

Bug fixes (93)

  • Minor security issue allowing reflected XSS in the backend has been fixed. Reported by Vitor Oliveira, Filipe Reis and Fábio Pires from Integrity (https://labs.integrity.pt/)
  • We fixed the display of the payment notifciation URL in the PayZa payment plugin
  • We improved the handling of the checkboxes filters for custom fields
  • The option name now correctly display in the cart/order when the variant names are provided.
  • We fixed the "update/about" button ACL on the dashboard of HikaShop
  • We fixed an issue that we had regarding the price returned by the Australia Post platform and which sometime wasn't correctly converted
  • The currency rounding increment wasn't taken into account for discounts
  • We fixed the router for the access to a sub element of a user control panel menu item
  • The sub categories displayed below the categories on the categories listing were not using the canonical URLs
  • We fixed the configuration of the datepicker plugin with Joomla 3
  • We fixed some warnings for the displaying of payment method prices with a different origin currency
  • The BCC and CC emails were not taken into account for the order status notification email when sent from the orders listing
  • We fixed the handling of the server port in the canonical URL generation system when different from 80
  • After you had exported products or orders, you couldn't use the pagination or filters of the current listing and you had to go somewhere else in HikaShop/Joomla before going back to the listing in order to use them again
  • We fixed a warning during the installation process with new versions of Joomla
    We fixed an issue regarding the minimum / maximum price options of the shipping method configuration page. In fact, a wrong total price was used for these options through the checkout when we also had a percentage coupon on our cart
  • The drag'n'drop ordering of the categories of a product with the new product edition interface wasn't working properly
  • The coupon value wasn't sent properly to PayPal Pro with the option "send order details" was activated
  • Related products and options where not exported in the correct order when exporting a CSV of the products from the products listing
    We fixed the display category explorer when listing the order statuses
  • We fixed a javascript error on custom fields when the data contained a quote
  • The tax category couldn't be changed properly for an order shipping method
  • We fixed an issue when adding a product which was already in the cart as an option
  • The tax rate wasn't properly set in the selector dropdown of the additionals edition popup in the backend
  • The ordering of the related products and options on the new product edition interface wasn't working properly
  • We fixed an issue when installing HikaShop data sample on Joomla 2.5
  • We fixed the Gallery Image uploader (compatibility with HikaMarket)
  • The "Display limited to" setting wasn't taken into account for the display of the custom user fields on the Joomla user profile page
  • Custom image fields now use the "allowed images" setting instead of the "allowed files" setting for the restriction on the uploading of the images
  • The pinterest icon of the HikaShop social networks plugin didn't support HTTPS
  • The product tabs could be collapsed on the tabular layout by clicking on their content in some cases
  • The add to cart could potentially be triggered even though the add to cart button was not being displayed on the product page
  • The notice popup after add to cart could sometimes not display properly
  • The product page contact/waitlist form messages with links to the product page could have a wrong link generated if the product had characteristics
  • The links going back to the product page on the thank you message of the contact form/waitlist form now take into account the canonical URL
  • We fixed some styling issues with the social network buttons when aligned to the right of the page
  • We fixed an issue with radio filters for categories
  • We added a fix for the AcyMailing integration which could potentially generate an error in AcyMailing during the registration process
  • We fixed an issue which was preventing customers to finalize there checkout workflow when the Canada post shipping method was selected
  • The new category explorer of the backend could overlap with the main area in some cases
  • The JMS site selection on prices was missing from the new product edition interface
  • We fixed an issue that we had by using the "Pay now" button when the "Reorder" one was displayed through the customer order listing
  • The minimum coupon value check was done inversely from what was configured in the "apply discount" setting of the HikaShop configuration
  • We fixed an issue with the brand filters which could filter too much when other filters would be used in some rare cases
  • In some cases, it was be possible that the javascript of the custom user fields would be missing on the user profile edition page based on how your menu items were configured
  • The new product selector dropdown didn't support UTF8 for PHP versions before 5.4 for the selection of products
  • The product code of the variants were not updated when the main product code was updated with the new product edition interface
  • The files of variants couldn't be added with the edition popup with the new product edition interface
  • The alias and canonical URL fields were missing from the translation popup with the new product edition interface
  • When displaying the characteristics with different display methods, it could happen that the selection wouldn't work on characteristic dropdowns
  • The files of variants couldn't be added with the edition popup with the new product edition interface
    The files of variants couldn't be deleted with the new product edition interface
  • The product images on the RSS feed could have an extra / in their path in some cases
  • We fixed a warning with the HikaShop user synchronization plugin which could be displayed in some cases
  • The PayPal Advanced payment plugin didn't handle properly the return of the user after the payment or its cancellation
  • The URL calculated by Joomla for the search results links could be wrong in some cases
  • We fixed an issue when multi cart option is disabled and the customer go through the cart display menu when not having any cart
  • We fixed an issue related on the minimum quantity per order value for the variants in the cart
  • We fixed an issue for badges not based on a discount
  • We fixed an issue with custom fields types using javascript for the product table for the variant edition with the new product edition interface
  • In some cases the path of the CSV of the product auto update plugin would have an extra / added at the end of the path
  • The explorer could potentially not display the categories based on the order of their creation
  • We fixed an issue with the return_url parameter adding itself over and over after each filtering when using filters with the "redirect POST mode" setting activated
  • The category images couldn't be uploaded anymore when the upload folder path was not absolute
  • The price ACL edition on variants prices was not working properly in the new product edition interface
  • We fixed the use of the double quote as values of custom fields
  • We fixed the missing body in the mass action emails
  • The blocks on the variant edition area were not aligned properly with the new product edition system
  • We fixed an issue with the auto loaded coupons whereby the calculations for the "minimum order amount" would be incorrect with products with characteristics
  • Tax calculations were not correct for the same product with different custom fields and several items of each in the cart on some versions of PHP
  • The multiple selection dropdown filters now properly handle the title added inside the filter when the Chosen library is activated
  • We fixed an issue that we had when we used at least two PayPal payment methods with one which wasn't well configured (the order wasn't created even if we selected the configured payment method)
  • We fixed an issue on the USPS shipping method regarding the "failed to obtain a shipping quotes." error message which was displayed even if we had some USPS services available
  • The characteristics selection didn't refresh the information on the product page when there were several characteristics with different display methods on the page
  • We now properly handle the "save and new" button of the new product edition interface
  • We fixed the saving of the weight for variants with the new product edition interface
  • We fixed the watermarking with upload of images using drag&drop
  • We fixed a javascript issue with the switch between the multiple thumbnails of a product on the product page
  • The google remarketing plugin was not working if the products had product codes with letters in them
  • When the shop owner was changing the default address of a customer from the backend to an address which was previously selected as either billing or shipping address of an order of the customer, the address would not be set as default
  • The generated variants now take into account again the "variants published by default" of the configuration
  • We added the version to the Stripe payment plugin so that it can work properly again
  • We fixed the ordering issue of the images when exporting from mass actions
  • The custom fields of the table "user" could be displayed on the user login form in the main area of the website
  • We fixed the issue that we were having regarding the auto-selection of shipping services through the checkout workflow (the first shipping method wasn't the one selected)
  • The variants were not translatable with the new product edition interface
  • We've fixed the price with/without tax conversion on the product page for the edition of variants
  • We corrected an issue when adding a brand in the product edition page
  • The images are sometimes in the image column of the product table, sometimes in the product_image table of MijoShop so the import now looks into both
  • The guest group restriction on coupons was not working properly
  • Some of the HikaShop menu item links generated by Joomla could sometimes have extra view and layout parameters in the SEFed URL. We've modified the HikaShop router to avoid that
  • We fixed the issue that we were having regarding the USPS "Priority Mail International" service which was returning free rates for Canadian shipping addresses
  • We fixed an issue with product creation and required custom fields based on categories.

Improvements (74)

  • We now display error messages for WebService calls while saving the EnvoiMoinsCher plugin configuration
  • We now have microdata for product ratings even if the vote type is "both"
  • We now set a worstRating property in the meta data for the ratings and solved an issue related on the reviewCount data
  • We updated the currencies that the VirtualMerchant plugin handles
  • The cart reset function now clear the cache of Joomla for better support of the caching system.
  • The default type of client setting has been removed from the HikaShop configuration. In the big majority of cases, that option shouldn't be changed by the merchant and should be left to "individual"
  • We now display a notice message when you save a product without a weight if you have shipping methods enabled in order to warn the merchant that the shipping methods selection won't appear on the checkout in such case
  • It is now possible to have per status email HTML/preload versions for the order status notification
  • We improved the switch of the main image in the product page
  • We now detect when the edited product is using an unpublished currency and display a warning message to the merchant
  • We added a lot of optimization for the loading of the custom fields/badges/discounts in the products listing
  • We do not add anymore the "form" element when there is no item field for the product in a products listing
  • We updated the oPload library used for the "AJAX file" upload system so that it will be able to support chunk uploads and parallel upload limitations in the future
  • We updated the oTree library so that it now supports keyboard strokes for the selection of elements
  • The userpoints plugins can now recreate the AlphaUserPoint rule if missing
  • We restored the "quickicon" plugin (for Joomla 2.5/3.X)
  • We added checks on the username similar to Joomla's during the registration process of HikaShop
  • We updated HikaShop payment plugins to not use anymore Mootools
  • The margin of the carousels could sometimes be changed by the Joomla template which would mess up the carousel display. We now force the margin to avoid that
  • We added the support of advanced item custom fields for the order edition in the backend
  • The remarketing plugin now handles products with characteristics
  • We improved the support of VM3 for the import of products without SKU, product images and product files
  • We now display the default value of an option if its current value is "inherit"
  • The filter and content modules now have a layout directly in the module so that you can override the main DIV of the module if necessary with a template override
  • We do not display unpublished tax categories in the dropdowns of the backend
  • The VirtueMart 2 import now properly handle the dates when importing the data
  • We improved the path check for the export CSV file mass actions, now the path can be relative
  • We now display the wishlist name and owner name when viewing the wishlist of another customer
  • The import now supports images and files links with urlencoded characters
  • The table reports on sales/taxes can now handle multiple currencies
  • The columns are now sorted alphabetically in the mass actions
  • We added support for "plugin controllers" in the HikaShop backend so that plugins can have their own controllers
  • We updated the trigger "onBeforeDownloadFile" with a new parameter for the options
  • The PostFinance payment method will now handle the status equals to 5 (authorized) returned from the PostFinance platform. We also cleaned and optimized the PostFinance payment method
  • The "Force canonical URLs on listings" setting is now deactivated by default when you install HikaShop
  • The CSV import now supports ordering for related products and options
  • The microdata plugin has been updated to handle correctly the product's reviews
  • It is now possible to select a user group after purchase for individual variants with the new product edition interface
  • We now make sure that the version of HikaShop is correct when the "check database" function of the HikaShop configuration is used
  • You can now unpublish the variants from the variant listing
  • We now force the currency to be published when it is selected as main currency in the configuration
  • It is now possible to create filters without category selected
  • You can now use the "checkout SEF name" setting even when you don't select a menu item of the type "hikashop checkout" in the "force a menu on checkout" setting of the HikaShop configuration
  • The sub brands were not loaded in the explorer in the backend
  • The "check database" button now also reattaches orphan categories to the root category
  • We added support for MySQL 5.7
  • We now hide the "NEW" button and display en error message through the "Hikashop->Orders->Entry" page when no "Entry" custom field are configured and published
  • The TaxCloud plugin don't try anymore to process TaxCloud taxes when creating an order from the backend
  • We now display the selected variant in the product edition page
  • We added a new layout for the facebook display of the HikaShop social plugin
  • We now supports multiple values selected with checkbox filters when the "redirect POST mode" setting is activated
  • We now display an error message when the shop owner didn't select at least a value for each characteristic of a product when trying to generate variants
  • The "send order details" setting of the PayPal payment method now supports additional rows like point discounts, global cart fees, etc
  • We added a check in the HikaShop configuration to make sure that the merchant didn't disable the HikaShop user synchronization plugin
  • The new products are now published by default and the "default tax category" is selected as their tax category
  • We now send the order_id to the Sofort payment gateway so that it can be displayed during the payment process
  • We changed the color selector for Joomla 3 in order to be much more user friendly
  • Mass actions now handle operations with many columns (e.g: price.price_value*product.customfield)
  • We no more display negative quantity values in the wishlists
  • The check database button now also remove variant links pointing to characteristics already deleted as that should not happen
  • The FedEx shipping plugin now uses the new zone selection system instead of the old popup system
  • The import system now handle extra parameters in image URLs in the CSVs that are imported
  • We now allow HTML values in custom fields
  • We don't try to translate custom item fields and custom order fields anymore when they are from the type "text" or "text area" as these directly come from the users and shouldn't be translated
  • You can now select/unselect variants several at once on the variants listing of the product edition page
  • The "generate variants automatically" option is not useful anymore with the new product edition interface and has thus been removed
  • We improved the retrieval of the id during the URL parsing of the router to be faster and more accurate in some cases
  • You can now select custom fields in the "display limited to" setting even if they are restricted to groups for which you don't have access to
  • We updated the "group after purchase" and "shipping price per product" plugins for the integration with the new product edition page
  • The characteristics can now be reordered on the product edition page with drag n drop
  • The characteristics selector now displays the characteristic alias if filled in and different from the characteristic name
  • We improved the display of the "add to wishlist" button based on the values of the option "display_add_to_wishlist_for_free_products"
  • We added the Pipe "|" value as separation symbol for csv files
  • We renamed the "Express International" USPS shipping services to "Priority Mail Express International" which was more logical

Features (21)

  • The HikaShop options for the menus are now editable in the Joomla interface. The HikaShop options for the modules are now editable in the Joomla interface
  • HikaShop now handles taxes on payment fees
  • We added the support of the taxes in the order additionals system
  • We added a functionality to translate product custom fields directly when you're editing a product (using Falang/Joomfish)
  • We added a functionality to drag and drop custom field values
  • We added a notification email for the administrator when a product is added in an user waitlist
  • We now resize all the divs in a categories or products listing to the same height for a more homogeneous interface
  • The filters can now be assigned to many categories
  • We added the possibility to filter on users having an order, an order with a specific status, or users having an address in the mass user actions
  • The settings of the HikaShop modules can now be edited in the frontend
  • We added a new option in the advanced section of the HikaShop configuration in order to control how the current URL should be retrieved from $_SERVER in order to cope with any kind of server configuration
  • New filters are now available for the AcyMailing integration
  • We added the selection of a category of products to the AcyMailing tag generator plugin for newsletters
  • The user points system now support taxes (thanks to the additionals system supporting it)
  • We added a return URL setting to the ePay payment method
  • We added a test mode setting to the VirtualMerchant payment plugin
  • We added the support of PayUMoney to the PayU India payment plugin
  • Discounts can now be restricted to JMS slaves/master sites
  • We have created an improved version of the Australia Post shipping method so that it can use the last Australia Post API. So Australia Post services has been updated, and it will now need an "API Key" to work
  • We developed a new hikashop plugin named Email History which allows you to log all the emails sent by HikaShop and easily access them.We developed a plugin for the ShipStation service

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