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Hikashop 2.6.2

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10 Ajouts de fonctionnalités, 34 Améliorations de fonctionnalités existantes et 60 bugs fixés, cette version 2.6.2 est une mise à jour aussi importante que la précédente (hikashop 2.6.1) !

Quoi de neuf dans cette version Hikashop 2.6.2 ?

Bug fixes (60)

  • We fixed issues in wishlist creation and management from backend.
  • The "Display custom user fields on user profile edition page" setting of the user synchronization wasn't taken into account properly for the saving of the Joomla user profile and could sometimes result in errors with required custom fields
  • The 0 value was not properly set in exported CSV files
  • We fixed an issue where the "Quota per user" option wasn't taken into account in some cases.
  • The "in stock" filter wasn't working properly with the "redirect POST mode" setting activated.
  • The title of columns report carts were not translated.
  • The regex option wasn't working for custom address fields on some screens.
  • The calculations for the table widgets on sales with the shipping included and the tax excluded were wrong.
  • We fixed the fade effect on product listings.
  • We added a fix for an issue regarding the "Product" insert button that happened through the front-end article edition page.
  • The currency code wasn't handled properly in KashFlow's invoices.
  • We fixed a collation issue with Joomla 3.5
  • The Estimated delivery time wasn't translated with canadapost.
  • The filters were not responsive anymore.
  • The cart session is now cleaned in AIM mode with the Authorize.net payment plugin after the checkout.
  • The menu item id entered in the settings of the filter module wasn't taken into account anymore on Joomla 3.
  • We fixed a popup issue with the HikaShop discount selector in the backend.
  • The "Monday first" option wasn't properly taken into account in the settings of the custom fields of the type "advanced date picker".
  • We fixed a query issue with the OpenCart import process.
  • We fixed several issues with the xmap plugin integration so that it works properly with the new menu system of HikaShop.
  • The "email history" button of the user edition page wasn't working properly.
  • We fixed an issue when updating a product column value from a price column with the mass action system.
  • The coupon value could cause a problem with PayPal Pro when the "send order details" setting of the PayPal Pro plugin was activated.
  • The products files ordering wasn't saved properly when editing the products in the backend.
  • The buttons of the Additional order information edition popup were not translated.
  • The default value for the quantity input method was not correctly set.
  • We initialize the votes before forcing the height of the divs to avoid display issues in some case.
  • We fixed the issue regarding the "+" action button of the "shipping prices" tab of variants configuration page which wasn't properly working.
  • We fixed an issue related to the brands listing menus. The parent category setting was not read properly.
  • We now deactivate the browser cache for the category explorer to avoid caching issues with it.
  • We fixed an issue for the elements using the "selectparentlisting" parameter from the menu settings.
  • We fixed a text issue in the PDF invoice plugin.
  • The custom item fields without any product or category restriction could sometimes not be displayed on the listings.
  • The "display limited to" system didn't work properly for custom product fields in variants.
  • We fixed a FedEx issue which was preventing us from sending every products to the FedEx platform.
  • We returned an error instead of a success when setting only a comment with no rate.
  • The "send notification" setting of the PayPal Pro payment plugin wasn't working properly.
  • The pagination for the comment listing had issues.
  • The date format could cause a problem with the badge edition form.
  • We fixed a notice message with the loading of the parameters of modules.
  • We removed a notice on the translation popups with custom product fields.
  • The brand url on the product page is now getting the correct menu item id for Joomla 3.
  • We fixed an issue with the calculations of the shipping fee with multiple currencies.
  • We fixed an issue for the votes when only the comments are enabled.
  • In some rare cases, the shipping address of the order wasn't taken into account when sending the notification emails.
  • We removed potential notice messages with the VAT number check system.
  • The tab system used in the backend of HikaShop had a conflict in some rare cases with another extension. We've added a patch to avoid the issue.
  • The conditional display of custom address fields on the registration page of HikaShop wasn't working anymore.
  • The reset of the pagination when using a filter was not able working properly since the new menu and module settings were put in place.
  • We added a fix regarding the Alipay sign calculation.
  • The "Server current URL mode" option wasn't taken into account properly in some cases.
  • The cursor limits for filters based on price didn't take into account the ACLs on the prices.
  • The number of products in a category could in some cases be displayed twice next to the category name.
  • We avoid a conflict on the order status translations with AcyMailing.
  • We fixed an issue on review submission when vote and comment are connected.
  • We added a missing classname in the user registration view (in bootstrap mode).
  • We fixed an issue when submitting a comment when not registered, the username and email were encoded.
  • The default value of custom fields of the type advanced datepicker would automatically take the value of today if the "default today" setting was turned on.
  • We fixed an issue on the Correios shipping method regarding the method id on save.
  • Fix regarding the calculation of the maximum number of product that can be added in a package regarding the length + girth limit for the CanadaPost plugin.

Improvements (34)

  • We removed the default IP addresses in the PayBox payment plugin.
  • Vex is now the default popup mode when you install a fresh HikaShop.
  • The popup links could potentially be indexed by search engines.
  • We now send the IP address of the customer to Virtual Merchant when that payment method is used.
  • The "allow notification from Authorize.net" option label is now properly displayed.
  • The user message textarea is now formatted similarily to the history message textarea when modifying an order in the backend.
  • We now only load the mootools modal when the wishlist system is enabled and the user not logged in.
  • The form submissions could potentially lead to 404 error pages when coming from non Hikashop pages with menu items configured with language restrictions.
  • The VM2 import now supports the import of addresses without a country or without a state.
  • If a shipping price per product is set for both main product and variant we only use the variant shipping price per product.
  • We now send the Customer IP with the direct call mode of Google Analytics so that the IP address logged by Google Analytics is always the correct one.
  • We added plus and minus buttons on columns and rows selectors in menus and modules configuration page.
  • We now do not display unpublished variants on the product pages.
  • The custom item fields now have their javascript added for product content tags so it allows you to use a wider variety of custom field types with content tags.
  • The custom user fields now support the "display limited to" system in the backend user edition interface too.
  • The canonical URLs were not used for the product links on the order details page of the frontend.
  • We improved the mass actions to handle users with many groups on User Access Level filters.
  • The filter selection popup of the filter module wasn't displaying the filter name and it could lead to some misunderstanding.
  • The users are now auto-logged in if possible after the registration through the registration form of HikaShop, like on the checkout.
  • We improved the import csv file feature in the mass actions, it now handles the exported csv files from mass actions and full images data.
  • The social networks plugin now supports nonumber tabs in the products description.
  • The ReCaptcha plugin now only check registrations for the extensions it integrate with.
  • It is now possible to configure a HTTP status for the HTTP redirects of the no SSL outside checkout plugin.
  • The waitlist edition screen didn't display the selected variant.
  • We now properly handle the required option for custom order fields restricted to products/categories.
  • We improved the invoice id generation to check if there is already an invoice number (and invoice creation date) in the order as to not regenerate it.
  • We improved the saving of the canonical URL in the backend so that it accepts URLs of the current website and remove the website URL as only relative URL paths should be added there.
  • We avoid to have two csv export files with the same name with mass action exports.
  • We display the current payment method in the dropdown of the payment methods of the orders listing if it is not in the list of valid payment methods so that the customer can keep the payment method he already have in his order.
  • We now hide the Carousel options for menus.
  • We now sort the variants on the product edition page in the correct order based on the characteristic values.
  • We replaced the "length" itemprop in the microdata by "depth" as "length" is not valid.
  • The Authorize.net payment plugin now skips the payment notification processing if the order is already confirmed.
  • The restrictions on payment methods now properly apply for the display of the payment methods selection dropdown on the orders listing of the frontend.

Features (10)

  • HikaShop is fully compatible with PHP7
  • The user points system now supports the AltaUserPoints extension.
  • We added new restrictions to display item, order and product custom fields so that you have a better control on where the fields are displayed on your website.
  • You can now edit "additionals" (points, etc) when you edit orders in the backend.
  • We developped a new shipping plugin for BPost
  • We added the possibility to translate custom category fields.
  • The microdata attributes and tags are now directly in the views of the product page so that it is less resources hungry and will work with any template in the future while the previous method, through a system plugin could only work if the views were not too much modified by the Joomla template.
  • You can now specify a return URL for the Worldpay Business payment methods.
  • We added a new quantity input dropdown type to let the customer select the quantity based on the min quantities of the prices of the product.
  • We added new options on hikashop modules so that you can now restrict the display of the modules on front end pages without the need for a third party extension like Advanced Modules Manager.
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