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HikaShop : la solution ecommerce pour Joomla!

Hikashop 2.6.4

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Quoi de neuf dans cette version Hikashop 2.6.4 ?

Bug fixes (54)

  • The address information entered was being lost on the checkout when the customer would validate a new address but the server side check would detect an error.We fixed the add to wishlist button behavior.
  • The checkbox selected filters on custom product fields were not always displaying properly.
  • The username, name and email are not lost anymore when the password is refused because it doesn't meet the criteria on the registration form.
  • If the category alias or the menu alias started with "limit" and that you had the "redirect POST mode" setting activated, the pagination would not be working properly.
  • We fixed an issue with the import system from other ecommerce solutions which was importing the billing address as shipping address and ignoring the shipping addresses.
  • We fixed a problem with the reports/widgets limited by categories with lots of sub categories where the report/widget would only take into account the product sales from 20 subcategories of the categories in the list.
  • We adapted the UPS plugin so that it properly display "Negotiated rates" returned for the UPS platform.
  • The error messages of the upload system were not displayed anymore to the user.
  • The data sent to Google Analytics could be missing the currency and had a wrong tax amount when not using the direct call mode.
  • We fixed an issue on the "show_select_price" quantity input value, the max value was limited by default.
  • The "HikaShop Customers who bought..." filter (integration with AcyMailing) wasn't picking up any customers who bought product variants.
  • We added a fix for the picHTML tag in the AcyMailing integration plugin.
  • The "send email for new comments" setting was not working properly.
  • The canonical URL field of categories was missing from the content element file for Falang/JoomFish.
  • The default weight and dimension units were not used when generating variants.
  • The delete button wasn't displayed for wishlists in some cases
  • We fixed a MySQL query error with sorting filters in some rare cases.
  • The default value of custom fields could be set when loading products data even though the fields where not loaded for these products.
  • The access level filter of order mass actions was creating an error in some cases.
  • We fixed an issue when using the csv import filter in the mass actions.
  • The product import system better handles images meta data import and files name/description import.
  • We added a fix to the VirtueMart 2/3 import to handle guest orders.
  • Checkbox filters on brands didn't handle multiple brands being selected properly
  • The number of products to be displayed on the listings of the frontend didn't work properly in some rare case with the redirect post mode setting activated and the use of filters on the same page.
  • The variant names in search results could have HTML tags displayed as titles of the results.
  • The import for Mijoshop, Redshop and OpenCart could potentially stop working after entering an unexisting step.
  • Empty custom field values were not taken into account properly by the Google products plugin when generating the XML with custom fields column names being used.
  • The comparison system wasn't handling properly the single quotes in product names.
  • The coupons couldn't be selected properly in reports in the backend.
  • The restrictions on categories and products were not properly taken into account for the server-side required check of custom order fields.
  • We fixed an issue with the customer reports with categories restrictions which were not handled properly.
  • We fixed a fatal error on Joomla 2.5 in some rare cases with the HikaShop product tag translation plugin.
  • We now properly handle the product name added to the order when you add a variant with a name to an order from the backend interface.
  • The copy system didn't copy the warehouse of the products.
  • We fixed the display of category images on the backend listing when the text searched is included in the image filename.
  • The carriage return were no more present in the comments.
  • We fixed the text on the custom fields of type AJAX file.
  • The conversion rate of the user points payment plugin didn't work properly when partial payments were disabled for other currencies than the main currency.
  • We fixed an issue we had with the UPS calculation of number of package.
  • The administrator notification email was not sent when there was no user for a new order.
  • The advanced date picker fields had an issue with the language texts with special characters.
  • The system wasn't displaying an error message when no credit card was entered on the credit card form of the checkout.
  • We've added a fix for the advanced datepicker field type custom fields.
  • We update the Australia Post V2 shipping plugin according to the "pac api update 2016", which means that we have added new weight/dimensions limits and services but that we also cleared and optimized the code.
  • The mass actions with a CSV import of product didn't handle properly prices with a comma as decimal separator.
  • We fixed several displaying issues we had while using User Points.
  • We fixed the product custom field display in the view "listing table".
  • We fixed the saving of custom item fields at the end of the checkout.
  • We fixed a warning after the creation of custom item fields.
  • We fixed an issue with the Sofort payment plugin.
  • We fixed a problem with the display of orders without products needing too much resources.
  • The microdata didn't handle properly the prices of variants.
  • We fixed the microdata attributes that were added to related products prices on the product page for no reason.

Improvements (31)

  • We removed Stripe and Sofort from the HikaShop packages. The plugins have been moved to GitHub (https://github.com/hikashop/)
  • On the product edition page, the variants listing are now ordered properly after a population, duplication or deletion of variants.
  • We now send the currency rate in the KashFlow plugin.
  • We now properly escape the empty message setting of the cart module in the backend interface.
  • We replaced the default horrible amex picture by a better one.
  • The "show shipping" and "show coupon" settings of the cart module are now displayed even in mini-cart mode as they allow you to configure what price should be used in the mini cart.
  • We adapted the billing information sent to the PayPal Integral platform
  • We clarified FedEx "Dimension approximation" and "Use dimension" options.
  • We now automatically add a target="_self" to the paypal form if we are within an iframe as paypal does not allow that.
  • We now throw a 404 error when products are not found in order to improve SEO.
  • Allow merchants to enter external URLs for downloads without having to store them locally (allows for cloud storage).
  • We now check if the email address entered by the customer is valid on the waitlist form.
  • We improved the display of error messages when shipping methods are blocked by product.
  • The interface language of the PayBox payment gateway is now set by HikaShop when redirecting the customer there.
  • HikaShop now stores the PayPal transaction ID in the orders even for invalid transactions.
  • The waitlist notification plugin now returns the number of sent emails.
  • The user points were not given for variants of products when the "product categories" setting of the user points plugin was being set to restrict the points given to only some categories of products.
  • The previous/next buttons on the product page now circle around for better SEO.
  • We improved the plugin trigger system for the View API.
  • Wysiwyg custom field can now use Joomla content tags.
  • You can now search carts with usernames or names in the carts listing of the backend.
  • We added the refresh of the badges on the product page based on the variant selected.
  • We now remove the keywords microdata added by Joomla on the tags that you can add to products in HikaShop as it is only valid for articles, not products.
  • We improved the registration integration with Community Builder.
  • The user id was missing from the address data when the address of an order was modified through the backend interface.
  • We've updated the credit card numbers format check algorithms to support all credit card numbers currently available worldwide.
  • We added a link to the order in the history of EasySocial points.
  • We now load shipping and payment plugins on the after_end view file so that the plugins can display their own stuff on the thank you page of HikaShop.
  • The PDF invoice plugin now handles the new custom fields display options.
  • We now allow the reordering of the products on leaf categories even in "all sub elements" mode.
  • The product code column wasn't in the good position on the table layout of products listings when custom product fields were displayed on it.
  • We now force the POST in AIM mode with the Authorize.net payment plugin.

Features (16)

  • We added support for abandonned carts in the integration between AcyMailing and HikaShop.
  • The Stripe payment plugin now supports the new API of Stripe.
  • We added an option to delete the imported CSV file after the import in the HikaShop Product cron update plugin.
  • We added an option to change the logic of the custom fields multiple select and checkbox filters.
  • The products listings now have an option to display only discounted products.
  • We added the "Duplicate window" setting to the Authorize.net payment plugin so that you can now configure a duplicate transaction window different than the default 2 minutes of Authorize.net
  • There is now an option in the affiliate plugin to remove the affiliate button from the user control panel of the frontend.
  • We now give the possibility to modify the porter email address on paybox so that the user will not receive the payment ticket from paybox.
  • It's now possible to force the payment method for the PayBox payment plugin.
  • The PayBox payment plugin now supports the iframe mode in order to display the payment form inside the checkout interface.
  • The reminder feature of the integration between HikaShop and AcyMailing allows for a wider range of periods.
  • You can now enter the column name of a custom product field in the remarketing plugin so that you can more easily enter the ecomm_prodid for each product.
  • We added support of new HMAC signature for the payment gateway Borgun
  • The Mondial Relay plugin now supports the API Key parameter of Google Maps
  • You can now use data tags in the email subjects to get information from the order/user.
  • The PDF invoice plugin can now also generate shipping invoices from a bunch of orders thanks to a new "shipping invoice" button on the orders listing.
  • The PDF invoice plugin now can also handle shipping invoices.
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