Mise à jour corrective pour le gestionnaire d'agenda Jevents. Les notes de version en français dans cet article

Jevents 3.4.19

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Mise à jour corrective pour le gestionnaire d'agenda Jevents. Les notes de version en français dans cet article

Jevents 3.4.19 : une mise à jour corrective

Bug fixes

  • v. 3.4.19
    • Problème quand un utilisateur anonyme créait un événement le nom et l'email n'apparaissait pas dans les messages de notification.
    • Nouveau plugin d'installation de gestion des installations des plugins du club.
    • Correction sur les limites de lmiste qui ignorait le comptage maximum dans les éléments de menu.
    • Correction des paramètres de sauvegarde pour les plugins dont les valeurs étaient en tableau.
    • Mise à jour du defaultloadedtemplate pour générer un lien de menu correct si la vue de modèle de données un élément de menu contenant des appels à des données personnalisées.
  • v. 3.4.18
    • Change to GWEJson plugin to fix issue with RSS feeds for some users in Joomla 3.6.2
    • Add message to warn user if they create a self-overlapping event
    • Add max event option for category list view
    • Alternative View Search, was falling back to default due to class extends default when it should be alternative
  • v. 3.4.17 * Fixed missing $rand in email cloak code changes to compensate for Joomla changes
    * Remove workaround for problematic cloaking code introduced in Joomla 3.6.1 but then removed in 3.6.2
    * Fixed group by issue arising from managed locations that cause some iCal exports to pick up the wrong start date
    * Add config option for event list view to output events as a CSV File
  • v. 3.1.16 * Fix for backend filtering of events by creator from 3.4.15
    * workaround for cloaking change in Joomla 3.6.1
    * upgrade isEventEditor method to take account of users who can only edit in specific categories
  • v. 3.4.15 * Missing $rand in email cloak code
    * re-instate filter of events created by unlogged in users in backend list of events
  • v. 3.4.14 * Add latest events option to show most recently modified events
    * More control options for notification messages for new events
    * Fix for TinyMCE editor issue arising in Joomla 3.6.0
    * Fix for router issue where tasks has a hyphen in their translations
    * Fix for editing from an event detail popup and hitting close or save and close
    * Fix for updating JEvents translations using Joomla Updater
    * Fix for multiple instances of cloaked email within the same event detail page
    * Add configuration options for icons to show on iCal export menu item
    * Better scollable typeahead results
    * Calendar popovers appear after 150milisecs to avoid lots appearing at once
    * add chevrons and info icons to plugin configuration
    * Fix duplicated output in flat theme date range view.
    * Let category link in latest events module respect target menu item is using ${CATEGORYLNK}
    * Enable configuration of all JEvents plugins via the main JEvents config/params page
    * Allow filtering of all published JEvents layouts i.e. without need to check all the categories in turn
    * Fix for jevFilter constructor names
    * DTSTAMP for export of repeat exceptions should not have timezone in it
    * Allow list of events view to be ordered with more choices
    * Installer message when updating using Joomla updater was not being shown
    * SMore flexibility on countdown output in latest events module
    * Updated the google export to support http and https replacing to webcal://, fixes invalid email address issue when adding to google calendar.
    * Updated constructor classes for PHP7 to avoid deprecated notices.
    * Migrated from deprecated JApplication::stringURLSafe to JApplicationHelper::stringURLSafe
    * Fixed Next and Previous repeat navigation in pop-ups. Previously the whole template was being loading within a modal when click next or previous repeat.
    * Updated hardcoded english for iCal Repeat Deleted and iCal Repeats Deleted.
    * Fixed undefined variable within iCalRepeat on redirect.
    * Fixed jevuser.php where $idsstring was undefined, it should have been $idstring
    * Migrated from deprecated JButton to JToolBarButton
    * Declared editStrings variable in icalrepat/view.html.php to avoid a coding notice in code editor. Has not other effect but to be cleaner.
    * Fixed $value implementation within jevtimezone.php JFormFieldJevtimeZone
    * Updated License to correct Joomla! Version and wording
    * Migrated from deprecated JString to StringHelper
    * Migrated from deprecated JArrayHelper with ArrayHelper
    * Set xhtml to false on JRoute on the Link within the default Later Events View to avoid failing urls.
  • v. 3.4.13 Set default earliest/latest years to -1/+5.  Workaround for CSV imports where descriptions wrap onto many lines within a cell. Mmissing language string in search plugin, improve styling of select list of events used in several addons, only display authorised user mode when enabled.
  • v. 3.4.12 Fix for unspecified sender address in new admin email config setting
  • v. 3.4.11 Add support for setting a timezone when editing an event (must be enabled in the JEvents configutation first), fix onSendAdminMail plugin (was being called in the wrong sequence), remove TZID from UTC timestamp in DTSTAMP, PHP7 deprecated warnings, fix for reloadall iCals, add EVID to layout editor, layout editor setting editor to none to use JEditor instead of getEditor, add float block layout to support float layouts, float theme language strings, add option to set sender for core JEvents emails
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