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RSForm!Pro : gestion des formulaires avec Joomla!

RSForm! Pro 1.51.0

RSForm!Pro : gestion des formulaires avec Joomla!

7 Ajouts de fonctionnalités, 7 mises à jour et 3 bugs fixés, cette version 1,51,0 est une mise à jour à faire rapidement sur vos sites !

Quoi de neuf dans cette version RSForm! Pro 1.51.0 ?

  • Added - New Responsive Layouts (Bootstrap2, Bootstrap3, UIKit)
  • Added - New Form Field - Date Time Picker
  • Added - Support for custom PHP validations without overriding core file validation.php
  • Added - New Form Field Attribute for Textbox / Password / Textarea - Placeholder
  • Added - New Form Field Attribute for Checkbox / Radio Groups - Vertical Columns
  • Added - New Type Attribute for Textbox (text, email, phone, number, url)
  • Added - You can now search for forms in the Manage Forms section
  • Updated - Re-done Excel generation class - export now generates xlsx (Excel 2003 and upwards) files
  • Updated - Bundled TCPDF library updated to v6.2.11
  • Updated - Administration interface adjustments
  • Updated - Code optimizations and logic separation
  • Updated - Mappings has been re-worked and it now supports other database drivers
  • Updated - front.css can now be overridden in /media/com_rsform/css/front.css
  • Updated - No longer using MyISAM tables as default engine during installation
  • Fixed - Hidden fields are now placed at the bottom of the HTML so they don't take up space inside the form
  • Fixed - Restoring forms did not work due to a particular bug affecting Ubuntu 14 (PHP 5.5) where gzopen() is not defined
  • Fixed - CodeMirror bugs when editing the Form Layout

Certification Joomla

Tous les membres de l'équipe Agerix ont obtenu leur certification administrateur joomla!

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