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sh404SEF la gestion des URL avec Joomla

Nouvelle version de sh404SEF : 4.7.0.build 3065


Nouvelle version de sh404SEF 4.7.0

Les nouveautés

  • Added support for Google Analytics Enhanced link attribution
  • Reworked 404 error page display mechanism, not articles anymore, prevent showing in search and other issues. Simpler data entry, one place
  • Added support for Referrer policy meta tag
  • Optional recording and displaying of source URL for each SEF URL, including where duplicates are found
  • Added filters on all views to show/hide URLs based on hits: list URLs that are most/never used
  • Showing detailed statistics about shURLs: hits, date, referrer, IP, user agent and redirect target
  • Showing detailed statistics about Aliases: hits, date, referrer, IP, user agent and redirect target
  • Showing detailed statistics about 404s: referrer, IP, date & time, user agent
  • Now showing if 404s originate from your site or from external sources
  • Now give priority to meta data entered in Joomla! menu items and articles over automatically created. Page manager still has top priority
  • Added workaround for extensions incorrectly sending data to a relative URL through POST
  • Option to prepend date to article URLs (/YYYY/MM/DD)
  • Fine grained permissions, allow granting access on each backend page individually
  • Added compatibility mode, producing Joomla URLs, but still storing them to database

Les Changements

  • Added another check in case a non-sef link exists for a component that has been uninstalled
  • Added some checks on file inclusion, in case of failed installation
  • Removed URL rewriting setting. Now using directly the Joomla! global configuration setting instead
  • Now using a JLayout to display the 404 error page main content, allows overriding in template
  • Optimized the Pinterest sharing PNG file, from 3.9KB to 1.1.KB
  • Now testing for vmLang existence, in case of really, really outdated Virtuemart versions
  • Updated to latest Facebook SDK loading code
  • Now clearing opcache upon installation
  • Removed Classic Analytics mode, as all Google accounts have now been moved to Universal
  • Default Facebook buttons to HTML5
  • Automatic canonical when homepage/index.php is requested. Was manual before.
  • Added control panel message center, with notifications about the site configuration and warnings
  • Return to control panel menu link not working on Internet Explorer
  • Redesigned info messages on top of most pages, now collapsible
  • Also override exceptions handler for 404 pages. In rare situations, we would not catch the 404s (using Joomla router, and an URL would match a menu item separator!)
  • Added back hit counting on URLs
  • Now using bordered tables on all list, easier to read
  • Better detection of current language, don't need Content language to be set
  • Multilingual sites: now adding language code in homepage URL to match Joomla. Compensating with a canonical to home page
  • Updated installer code to also resist to users manually deleting some system DB tables and folders
  • Added upgrading of aliases table when upgrading very old site missing the 'type' column
  • Removed last use of JRequest::checktoken
  • Cache remote config statically, in addition to Joomla cache, as Joomla cache can be slow if many links on a page. Closes #433, thanks redComponent
  • Now give priority to Joomla-created browser title over sh404SEF com_content page title if one exists
  • Only remove Joomla-created canonical tag on com_content pages
  • Switched to using alias instead of title for weblinks, avoids issues with default Joomla! .htaccess
  • Allow backslashes in custom page title
  • Move database table creation to installation script instead of sql file, safer in case user manually deletes table between updates
  • Removed sh404SEF Facebook appId, sh404SEF not listed any more on shared links

Les bugs corrigés

  • Incorrect table used when deleting user data. Moved table names to constants
  • Fatal error when using an extension router.php file which uses the object format introduced in J! 3.3
  • Double language code in rss feed URL on multilingual sites when com_content featured view is home page and language code is not set to be removed
  • Home page may not be recognized (and custom meta data not set) when page is accessed through tracking vars (ie utm_source, ...)
  • Custom non-sef with / are not properly saved Fixes t908
  • Error in source language file, trailing characters added to translations
  • Language code might be removed from uri - thanks redComponent
  • Custom canonical tag is not exported when exporting meta data to file, showing warnings when importing the file back in
  • Undefined variable when logging spammer visits caught by Project Hiney Pot
  • Pathway not always overriden on 404 error page
  • Social plugin shared URL is wrong when user specify a fully qualified URL in a custom tag
  • Component permissions not properly saved, unusable ACL
  • Typo in layout, opacity parameter for 404 auto-redirect message not used

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