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sh404SEF la gestion des URL avec Joomla

sh404SEF : 4.8.1


Nouvelle version de sh404SEF 4.8.1

Les points importants

  • Une meilleure selection d'images OGP
  • Séparation des URLs de déconnexion
  • Un petit peu d'UI
  • Bug : L'id de l'application Facebook n'etait pas utilisé
  • Plusieurs autres bugs mineurs

Les Changements

  • Now always using Full, then Intro image as OGP image, if they exist, and over automatic detection

  • Reduced some database columns length

  • Workaround for bug in J! language filter, breaks front end editing of modules

  • Added separate URLs for logout menu item types, prevent issues if logout menu item is set to restricted access

  • Social buttons are not displayed anymore on content featured view, when "Only canonical" option is selected

  • Clearer separation between components on the "By-components" configuration tab - thanks Atelier51

    Les bugs corrigés

  • Backend pagination don't show if user selected to display status bar at top of page instead of usual fixed at bottom - fixes #471

  • Do not run OGP image search on non-html document, waste of time

  • Invalid language code used if language code in URL (ie en) does not match actual first characters of full language tag (ie en-GB)

  • Regression: incorrect URLs created on multilingual sites using 4 letters language code

  • Custom Facebook Application Id is not used

  • Full article image may not be detected as OpenGraph image if there are other images on the page

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