Trois bug corrigés, trois améliorations de fonctionnalités et trois mise à jour de fonctionnalités existantes mis en place dans le but de simplifier la création de formulaire.

Quoi de neuf dans cette versions RSForm! Pro 1.51.11 ?

  • Added - Textbox input types: 'range', 'url'.

  • Added - Textbox field properties for 'range' type: min, max, step.

  • Added - Date and Time Picker Javascript function gets triggerred on date selection: RSFormPro.jQueryCalendar.calendars[formId][calendarName].callBackSelectedDateTime(selectedDate, calendarObject).

  • Updated - Tooltips added to field properties.

  • Updated - Saving email messages or Thank You Message now shows a success message in the popup window.

  • Updated - Reworked how placeholders are shown in the Quick Add sections.

  • Fixed - Some HTML5 attributes on fields were not generated correctly.

  • Fixed - Missing semicolon in Javascript function call could cause issues with minifiers.

  • Fixed - Date Modifier on 'Date and Time Picker' field was showing up only if 'Required' was set to 'Yes'.

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