Trois bugs corrigés, six mise à jour de fonctionnalités existantes mis en place dans le but de simplifier la création de formulaire.

Quoi de neuf dans cette versions RSForm! Pro 1.51.12 ?

  • Updated - Placeholders dropdown re-worked.
  • Updated - Separated 'Responsive' layout from front.css into its own stylesheet.
  • Updated - 'Responsive' Layout CSS definitions were missing for '<input>' buttons.
  • Updated - Button Type now defaults to '<button>' for 'Submit Button' and 'Button' fields.
  • Updated - Can restore backups in .tar or .tar.gz format.
  • Updated - Can now set 'Timepicker format' in 'Date and Time Picker' field.
  • Fixed - Calculations were not working correctly if field 'Name' contained a hyphen.
  • Fixed - 'Minimum Date' modifier on 'Calendar' field now changes month to reflect minimum date.
  • Fixed - AJAX Validation was not working in some cases due to a script error.

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