Changement de version pour le composant Sh404Sef ce qui implique de nouvelles fonctionnalités et des améliorations.


Nouvelle version de sh404SEF 4.8.0

Les points importants

  • la gestion des données structurées amélioré : contacts d'entreprise, Logos , profils sociaux
  • détection automatique de l'image pour OpenGraph et Twitter cartes , avec une extension quelconque
  • Filtres 404 par période de temps , la dernière heure , le dernier jour , ...
  • Ajout de l'override d'itemid par composant, possibilité de forcer un itemID

Les Changements

  • Added Itemid override per component, allows forcing an Itemid - closes #434

  • Added Structured data Corporate Contacts support (phone number, areas served, languages)

  • Added Structured data Logos support

  • Added Structured data Social profiles support

  • Added support for Twitter summary large image cards - closes #460

  • Added Facebook app id management - closes #462

  • Ability to filter 404s by time period, last hour, last day,... - closes #447

  • Added automatic detection of images for OpenGraph and Twitter Cards tags - closes #445

  • Moved OGP tags to a JLayout, also adding og:image:width and og:image:height when possible, so that image appears immediately on first FB share

  • Make sure the language filter plugin is located before sh404SEF system plugin. Change in J! 3.6.1 otherwise breaks multilingual sites, adding language code at end of URL - closes #464

  • Updated to Twitter button async widget. Also put all social widgets script loading into JLayouts, for easy overriding - closes #455

  • Updated Facebook API calls version to 2.6 - closes #457

  • In case of missing update keys, now redirecting back to update page with a clear message.

  • Now using Joomla SEF plugin canonical domain if set - closes #438

  • Allow Flexicontent plugin to use 'showall' parameters, same as com_content - closes #440

  • Hide Community Builder searchmode parameter when it has its default value - closes #443

  • Prevent notice error when fixing hreflang on home page, on some sites

  • Remove deprecation notice on pChart library on PHP7

  • Fatal error on 404 if redirect plugin is enabled and using Joomla error page. Due to change in Joomla 3.5.0. Closes #439

  • Changed regular expression to accommodate RokBox plugin changing Joomla standard HTML, breaking links to stylesheets

Les bugs corrigés

  • Twitter cards description are not properly cleaned, can be cut-off if they have double-quotes

  • In backend views, language selector do nothing in multiple views

  • Requests black listed by user agent are not showing in security stats, only in log files

  • Security statistics not updating after Joomla default log path changed to /administrator

  • OGP and Twitter cards images URLs are not fully qualified if entered manually in backend - fixes #453

  • 404 errors are not fully decoded, poor display with some languages

  • Should not record index.php prefix for 404s when URL rewriting is disabled in Joomla

  • hreflang can be sometimes added to home page, even if only one language on site - closes #450

  • Entering invalid non-sef redirect URL for a 404 does not trigger an error message - closes #337

  • Invalid UTF-8 character in category name breaks configuration popup with "String could not be parsed as XML message) - closes #448

  • When displaying input counters in backend, javascript and css can be linked twice

  • Notice in PHP logs if attacks logging is disabled

  • shLIb database driver throws an error when trying to delete an alias or 404 with ? in it

  • Wrong pagination label on non-default language 2+ pages URLs