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Improving the Customer Relationship: winning strategies and practical guide

Improving the Customer Relationship: winning strategies and practical guide

Published on: 6 June 2023 - Updated on: 25 July 2023 - Read 380 times - Reading time:  3 minutes

At the beginning of the collaborative relationship between the Karma agency and the Agerix Agency, our goal was to help the Karma agency to resume technical and commercial support with all of their client base and thus optimize the client relationship. Born from the merger between the EU-Turn, Yellow Pimento and Karakas agencies, the Karma agency has acquired a client portfolio made up of nearly 100 contacts, most of them in high demand for support and developments on their websites.

So in collaboration with the Agerix agency on the redesign of one of their projects and satisfied with the project management work provided throughout it, we decided to join forces to be able to recover, resume and respond to requests from Karma's client file and all current and future support requests.

What is the customer relationship?

The customer relationship represents the means of communication that a company uses to maintain a privileged relationship with its customers. The channels used are vast. They include, for example, prospecting, the telephone switchboard, after-sales service, digital communication, social networks, reception at the point of sale, etc. Whatever the mode of communication and the purpose of the exchange, each interaction with a customer is an opportunity to build a relationship of trust. Nothing should be overlooked.

Customer relationship management is a top priority for all businesses, regardless of size. To build its reputation, the company must have a clear vision of the customer relationship, and the values ​​it wishes to convey when interacting with him. Each employee is the guarantor of the company's image in each interaction with customers.

So how do you maintain and improve your customer relationship?

Be responsive to customer complaints

A customer who complains is a customer who likes you. A disappointed customer who does not wish to return does not comment: he will look elsewhere, without notice. Whoever makes a comment gives you the opportunity to question yourself and improve your processes or your services/products so that the next ones are satisfied. Also, failing to respond to complaints or delaying to do so is the best way to make your business look bad. Remember that one unhappy customer can do you a lot more harm than 5 happy customers. And even worse: if 75% of satisfied customers are loyal, it is 95% of customers who have encountered a problem that has been resolved who are. In other words: when you have responded quickly and effectively to a customer complaint,

Try to innovate

Resting on your laurels in the belief that your customers will forever stick with your business just for your good looks is a lure you better not fall into. Because it is quite the opposite. Also, when possible, try to innovate, to offer new products/services (especially services) that will make a difference and show your customers that you are struggling to develop new offers that aim to satisfy them.

Solicit their opinion: Bet on participatory innovation

The customer relationship is also a question of respect and recognition of the value of the other. Evolving in your corner without ever asking your customers what they think is showing that you don't care about their opinion or their remarks. Conversely, ask them to give their opinion on the company, its products/services, the developments they would like to see, the areas they would like to see improved, etc. it's showing them that you consider them and that you are ready to question yourself to bring them greater satisfaction. In addition, the benefit is that you will be able to draw from this survey of your customers new and relevant ideas that will make the difference with your competition!

Do not forget the following golden rule: it costs less for a company to work on its customer file than to find new ones!

Article updated on June 21, 2023

Eric Lamy
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