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Joomla Development: A dedicated business application for CARPA

Joomla Development: A dedicated business application for CARPA

Published on: 6 June 2023 - Updated on: 26 July 2023 - Read 355 times - Reading time:  3 minutes

Technology has transformed almost every aspect of our daily lives, including the area of law. Today we are going to present to you an exciting project that we have recently implemented for CARPA ( Autonomous Fund for Pécuniary Regulations for Lawyers ) of New Aquitaine.

The main objective of this project was to design an application capable of helping lawyers manage their hearings and file electronic instructions, thus improving their efficiency and productivity.

Audience management application and status

According to the legal dictionary, the'"hearing" is the time of the proceedings during which the judge, when the proceedings are" single judge "or the court, when the case is heard by collegial panel, hears the parties and / or their counsel ( lawyers, legal representative or ad hoc agents ) in their oral observations.

This application was developed for CARPA ( Autonomous Fund for Criminal Lawyers' Regulations ) for all lawyers in the New Aquitaine region.

The objective of this application is :

  • Provide lawyers with a schedule of hearings
  • To allow lawyers, for some of these hearings, to file instructions without having to travel ( put in electronic state ).

The schedule of hearings

Historically, this task was carried out by the CARPA secretariat, which manually designed this table. This generated a series of problems :

  • The task was extremely time consuming
  • The presentation of the table was very complicated for non-HTML specialists
  • The table did not appear correctly on the mobiles
  • Unable to keep usable records

On the strength of this observation, we proposed to CARPA design a simple job application to perform this task and the whole process.


Design of a list view, with a multitude of filters making it easy to find information. Batch actions to simply duplicate or move hearings.

capture d'écran des audiences Carpa SudOuestThanks to the Joomla application, it is possible to manage the hearings of the Carpa SudOuest, to export the hearings, create the statements or see the ( State-Households ).
Click on the image to have better visibility.


Thanks to the repositories we have designed a simple and fully configurable form allowing effective creation of the audiences. A upload system drags / deposits allows roles or any other document to be attached to the hearings.

Pour créer une audience il ne suffit pas de mettre une date, cela demande beaucoup de manipulations diverses comme choisir le barreau, le type de juridiction, le type d'audience, etc.. Aujourd'hui la Carpa n'a plus besoin de renseigner ses données manuellement, elles sont proposées par l'application métier et les listes des choix dépendent des choix faits en amont.To create an audience it is not enough to set a date, this requires a lot of various manipulations such as choosing the bar, the type of jurisdiction, the type of hearing, etc.. Today the Carpa no longer needs to inform its data manually, they are offered by the business application and the lists of choices depend on the choices made upstream.
Click on the image to have better visibility.


As you can see from the previous screen copy, it is possible to choose a lawyer directly from the hearing page. In order to distribute the hearings fairly among the carpists, we have put in place a tool that analyzes the history of designations and offers lawyers who have applied for the type of hearing chosen. This list is classified by increasing number of names in order to offer the lawyer the designated month as a priority in the past 12 months.

Pour choisir l'avocat qui sera présent à cette audience, la CARPA dispose du nombre de présences déjà effectuées par chaque avocat sur l'année courante. Les avocats sont affichés par ordre croissant de présences.<br /><strong>Cliquez sur l'image pour avoir une meilleure visibilité de celle-ci</strong>To choose the lawyer who will be present at this hearing, CARPA has the number of attendance already made by each lawyer over the current year. Lawyers are displayed in ascending order of attendance.

Tableau de designation d'un avocat carpisteThe application shows the number of designations of the lawyer, specifying the place and date of his attendance


The public party presents the program weekly. The view of the calendars makes it possible to determine which weeks are visible on the site.

La vue calendrier de l'application développée pour la Carpa SudOuest permet de voir instantanément le nombre d'audiences par semaine et par barreauThe calendar view of the application developed for the Carpa SudOuest allows you to instantly see the number of hearings per week and per bar


Visuel frontal du planning audiences Carpa

Electronic readjustments

According to the legal dictionary, the"status" is the phase of the written procedure during which the investigation of the case takes place under the supervision and direction of a magistrate of the seat called, before the Judicial Court, the "pre-trial judge" and, before the Court of Appeal, the "Councilor of the midwe in good condition". The registry notifies lawyers who have appointed the pre-trial judge. Both the status judge and the status adviser are seized by conclusions which are specially addressed to them and which are distinct from the conclusions within the meaning of the article 753 of the Code of Civil Procedure.
The procedure is oral, during this phase of the procedure, each of the parties,is compulsorily represented by a lawyer.

As we mentioned in the introduction, CARPA Southwest has set up a free service for lawyers which allows them to file instructions without having to travel to the hearing. For each such hearing, a lawyer known as “ carpenter ” is appointed from a list of volunteers. He is responsible for retrieving the instructions entered by his colleagues to file them at the hearing and to recover the results. He is paid by CARPA for his work.


The audience is transformed into as much preparation as there is a role for the audience. The opening date for the filing of instructions is chosen. The hearing is now visible to lawyers and they can begin to file instructions.

Le tableau de mises en état CarpaThe application provides a global and synthetic vision of Mises in Electronic States. Each lawyer can consult the role or file an instruction which will be sent to the lawyer Carpiste.
Click on the image to have better visibility.


The deposit is made using a simple form. For more ergonomics, some fields are pre-filled and above all the role is in screw.

Le depot d'instruction dans l'application CarpaThanks to the tailor-made application, the carpal lawyer can fill in the specific fields which will be added to the final PDF. The view side by side greatly facilitates his task because everything is easier to follow.
Click on the image to have better visibility.


At the close of the filing of the instructions, the carpal lawyer is notified. He then goes to his profile to generate the PDF document summary of all the instructions he will have to file in the name.


La collecte des instructions Carpa Sudouest


At the end of the hearing, he sends the CARPA the result of the instructions filed and CARPA publishes it on the preparation. Thus lawyers who have filed instructions can download the document to read the result.

éditer les mises en états


In order to centralize the information of lawyers, we have created a lawyer space for them comprising the following elements :

  • Their profile
  • Their carpal activity
  • Their instructions

espace avocat carpa sudouest


Since January, we have put online a statistical module allowing to consolidate the data and to have a visibility by bar, by month, by lawyer and by type of audience.

This table is exportable in Excel format to allow subsequent processing. The long-term objective is to automatically calculate the remuneration of lawyers in charge.

Le tableau des statistiques 2023 de la Carpa SudOuest

Article updated on June 14, 2023

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