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External Project Management: For Optimized Performance

External Project Management: For Optimized Performance

Published on: 6 June 2023 - Updated on: 14 August 2023 - Read 402 times - Reading time: 8 minutes

Outsourcing project management allows you to increase your human resources with dedicated experts, promoting greater efficiency and concentration on what matters most: your core business. This strategy ensures that deadlines are met while guaranteeing optimum quality, all while reducing the associated costs. For companies looking to stand out from the crowd, outsourced project management is not just an option, it's the ideal choice.

Outsourced project management refers to the practice of hiring an external company or individual to manage a specific project or set of projects for a business or organisation. Outsourcing project management has a number of advantages for a company, the main ones being as follows.

Increase in human resources

external project management for optimized performance human ressourcesYou know it if you read our articles or if you have development needs, the world of software development is constantly evolving. And we are not talking here only about Artificial Intelligence but about the new technologies, Frameworks and other methodologies that emerge every year. Imagine the following scenario: your company has identified the urgent need to develop an innovative software application for your website to remain competitive in the market. However, although you have a competent IT team, you do not have the precise expertise required for this ambitious project. The challenge is daunting: how to quickly assemble a team with the advanced skills required for this specific project ? 

If I ask this question it is because I know the subject well. When I created the Agerix agency I quickly found myself in this situation and it was only thanks to my Joomla network that I was able to respond to complex requests for community portals, intranet or complex extranet. And creating your network takes time because it is necessary to make the selection of the profiles, to test the people on different projects, etc. This is how we learned to manage projects for others since it happened only for reasons of flow, time or questions of availability, we only did project management for our clients on certain projects.

The network can be a solution. Recruitment is another. And for all those who have had to do it you know all that it represents: financial investment because recruiting is expensive for the companythe uncertainty of having found the right profile, time to seek, sort, recruit... 

This is where outsourced project management makes perfect sense. Instead of going through a long recruitment or training process to fill this skills gap, outsourcing the management of this project gives you instant access to specialized experts in this domain. These professionals not only have the necessary technical experience, but they also bring an external perspective, enriched by various experiences with other companies and projects. 

So, rather than spending months looking for the perfectly qualified developer in Joomla or the user interface designer specializing in reactive mobile applications, the company can rely on a pool of talents already trained and ready to be mobilized. With outsourcing, a company can quickly adapt its project team as needed. If a phase of the project requires more developers specialized in databases, they can be integrated into the team. If another phase requires skills in cybersecurity, experts may be asked. This ability to adjust the team in real time is a major advantage in ensuring development efficiency. 

Another significant advantage concerning human resources: outsourcing project management makes it possible to'obtain a dedicated team for the precise duration of the project. Once the project is complete, the company does not have to worry about the costs or long-term commitments related to the maintenance of a large team.

By focusing on increasing human resources, outsourcing project management offers a pragmatic solution for companies seeking to launch technical projects without being limited by the resources available internally. It offers unrivaled flexibility, allowing companies to respond quickly to requirements changing a project, while ensuring access to high-level expertise.

Increase its efficiency

external project management for optimized performance increase effeciencyThe purpose of this article is to demonstrate to you that outsourced project management can optimize your performance. We are all in an ultra competitive business environment and speed and efficiency are often the keys to success. The outsourcing of project management has proven to be a powerful lever for companies seeking to improve their performance in these areas.

One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing is access to interdisciplinary expertise. Outsourced project managers, unlike an isolated vision, are often immersed in expert ecosystems, whether internal or near the network as we saw in the previous chapter. Whether in strategic planning, financial budgeting or risk management, each project challenge is addressed by the person most able to do so. This merger of skills guarantees a complete approach, where each aspect of the project is managed with adequate precision and expertise.

Concentration on the core business

At the same time, outsourcing project management allows internal teams in the company to refocus on their essential skills. When the responsibility for navigating the complex meanders of project management is entrusted to external experts, internal staff can devote all their energy to what they do best, whether it's product development, marketing or customer relationships.

Take the example of a web agency specializing in graphic design and user experience. Its strength lies in the creation of interactive and visually impressive designs for its customers. However, when it comes to developing a complex backend system for an e-commerce site or integrating third-party APIs, the company could find itself in unknown territory. By choosing to outsource the management of these specific technical projects, the agency can remain focused on its main expertise: design and UX, while guaranteeing its customers a solid and functional technical solution.

Another example would be a start-up that developed an innovative idea for an online content platform. Although his team is made up of talented content creators and strategic marketers, the technical implementation of the site could be a challenge. Rather than devoting resources to the rapid rise of an internal development team, the start-up can choose to'outsource site development management. This allows them to continue to focus on producing quality content and monetization strategies, everything ensuring that the platform is developed with expertise and rigor.

Deadlines, guaranteed quality

agerix increasing efficiency deadlines guaranteed quality 300The success of a project in the digital world depends deeply on its management, any business manager or project manager will tell you. And if most companies recognize the importance of meeting deadlines and guaranteeing a quality product or service, they sometimes underestimate the hidden costs of delays and budget overruns. These unforeseen events can quickly erode profit margins and impact an organization's reputation. Outsourced project management, well aware of these challenges, offers essential expertise to navigate through these challenges.

With expert and rigorous project management, the chances that the project will be completed on time and according to quality standards expected are greatly increased. This avoids costly delays, budget overruns, and unexpected revisions, while ensuring delivery that meets expectations. Furthermore, in a world where technologies and trends are evolving rapidly, having a specialized external team ensures that the project remains at the forefront of innovation and follows best practices in the sector.

To support these remarks, I offer two examples taken from our digital design office daily, an example of business application development and another on the creation of a website.

Example of business application : Imagine a logistics company that wants digitize its operations by developing a tailor-made business application. The implementation of this application would automate many processes become more efficient and improve customer service. But every day of delay in the deployment of this application represents a cost, in terms of missed opportunities and productivity. Outsourced project management, with specific expertise in the development of business applications, ensures that the project advances according to a precise schedule and that each step is validated for its quality and relevance.

Example of website creation : Consider a company that plans to enter the international market and has need a multilingual site adapted to several regions. The complexity of such a project is enormous: it is necessary to manage translation, cultural adaptation, technical specificities for each region, and more. A delay in launching could cost market share in a key region. By opting for outsourced project management, the company can count on experts who have already faced and overcome the challenges of such projects. Common traps are avoided, best practices are applied and the site is launched on schedule, while offering impeccable user experience.

What I am trying to explain with these two examples is that outsourced project management is not limited to simple supervision. It brings concrete added value by guaranteeing respected deadlines and impeccable quality, two essential elements to optimize the performance of any company in the digital field. Beyond the operational decision, this is a strategic choice that propels companies towards optimized performance.

Cost reduction

external project management for optimized performance cost reductionSince the COVID19 pandemic, fashion has passed into a difficult economic situation, and, whether in the competitive world of digital development or in other sectors, every penny counts. In our sector, digital development, the equation is often complex. Each phase of the project - design, development, tests, deployment - requires specific resources, specialized skills and constant attention to details to guarantee the quality of the final product. Companies, anxious to offer cutting-edge solutions to their customers, often invest in advanced technologies, continuous training for their teams and rigorous quality assurance processes. However, these investments, although crucial, can quickly weigh heavily on finances. This is where the undeniable advantage of outsourcing comes in.

Consider, for example, the development of a business application. Hiring a complete team internally to manage this ( developers, testers, project managers, user interface specialists ) project is a financially heavy task. It is not only about salaries, but also indirect costs: training, software and licenses, infrastructure, not to mention the risks associated with hiring and training a team that may not meet expectations. By opting for outsourced project management, the company can ensure that each aspect of the project is in the hands of experts, without having to bear the financial burden of a whole team internally.

The creation of a website is not outdone. If each update or modification requires additional training or the integration of new skills, costs can quickly accumulate. Rather than paying an annual salary to an internal project manager and assuming the costs associated with continuing education and benefits, a company can call on an outsourced team only for the duration of the project. In this way, she only has to pay for the specific services she needs, when she needs them. This offers unprecedented financial flexibility, allowing funds to be directed where they are most needed.

Outsourcing then appears to be a judicious response to this financial dilemma. It allows companies to have access to cutting-edge expertise without the costs associated with building an internal team. By relying on a dedicated outsourced team, they can not only reduce their expenses, but also ensure that each aspect of the project is managed with specific expertise.

This flexibility in resource and cost management allows companies to focus on what they do best, while ensuring that their digital projects are between expert, dedicated and economically efficient hands.

An ideal solution for you

If we have listed at length and detailed the many advantages of outsourcing project management, it is because our agency is more in demand for this. For several years now, we have taken the time to explain these advantages to digital agencies and many of them have taken the plunge, understanding that it was ’a profitable solution for those who seek to take advantage of the expertise of experienced project managers without having to bear additional cost or commitment.

Article updated on August 10, 2023

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