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Why work with Joomla development experts?

Why work with Joomla development experts?

Published on: 3 August 2023 - Updated on: 1 September 2023 - Read 416 times - Reading time: 10 minutes

As a cutting-edge agency specialized in development Joomla, we offer personalized software solutions adapted to the specific needs of companies and associations, with an emphasis on close collaboration with our customers. We create tools that not only meet the unique requirements of businesses, but also evolve with them. Our job is to offer applications that optimize internal or commercial operations and guarantee a rapid return on investment. This tailor-made approach, combined with a long-term commitment to the client, makes us a strategic partner for any company seeking to successfully digitize.

The crucial role of web development in the current business context

In a world where digital is at the heart of almost all interactions, web development has proven to be a cornerstone of contemporary business activity. Whether it's attracting new customers, providing them with information, selling products or providing services, an optimized online presence is a absolute imperative for modern businesses. Indeed, having an efficient and user-friendly website is no longer an option but a vital necessity. Beyond being a simple showcase, a website is a crucial point of contact that allows companies to connect with their current and potential customers. It offers the possibility of presenting products or services, interacting with customers and collecting valuable comments.

In addition, web and mobile applications play an equally important role. They provide users with personalized and interactive experience, while providing businesses with a way to engage customers more directly and deeply.

However, web development is a complex area that requires technical expertise and a deep understanding of user needs. This is where solutions like Joomla come in. Joomla is a renowned ( CMS ) content management system that creates robust and user-friendly websites and applications.

And to make the best use of this powerful platform, the intervention of an expert design office like Agerix is essential. Specialized in Joomla development, Agerix has the expertise to create websites and personalized applications that meet the specific needs of each company while offering exceptional user experience. The expert agency is not content to understand Joomla, it excels in its use to help companies develop and succeed in today's digital landscape.

What is Joomla ?

joomla logoLittle reminder to understand why our agency specialized in development Joomla and why this choice is a choice of future and growth. To make it simple and clear what this CMS is, Joomla is a recognized ( CMS ) content management system, used by millions of people and organizations around the world to create and manage their websites and applications online. Joomla differs from most other CMS by its power and flexibility, which makes it ideal for a wide variety of web projects, from personal blogs to corporate websites, via complex web applications: intranet, extranet, management of personalized business applications.

Joomla's Flexibility: A Major Atall

Flexibility is one of the key attributes that distinguishes Joomla from other content management systems ( CMS ). It manifests itself in several ways that help make Joomla an optimal choice for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use content management system, Joomla allows users to personalize their websites according to their specific needs.

The community

Difficult for us not to speak of the active community which surrounds Joomla since the vast majority of the members of the agency Agerix took, and still take, an active part within the national community and international. The Joomla project is a living community project. Developers, designers, website administrators and users from all walks of life collaborate to constantly improve Joomla, to create new extensions and to help other users solve their problems. Using Joomla, you join a global community of people who are there to help and support you.

Extensions and Personalizations

Joomla offers a vast directory of extensions, modules and plugins. Whether you want to add an online store, a member management system, a blog, a forum, a photo gallery, or any other type of content, there is probably an extension for this. If this is not the case, Joomla's structure allows rapid and efficient customization by developers. Here are some examples below.

Integration with other Systems: A Bridge between Joomla and your Business Tools

Joomla's integration with other systems is one of its strengths that make it particularly attractive to modern businesses. This integration transcends the boundaries between different tools and platforms, allowing unprecedented collaboration and efficiency.

CRM ( Customer Relationship Management )

Integrating Joomla with a CRM system allows fluid exchange of information between the website and customer relationship management. Whether capturing leads from the website, synchronizing client data, or personalizing content based on customer behavior, CRM integration enriches customer experience and improves marketing and sales operations. Many CRM market solutions offer API links allowing perfect integration of data in your Joomla site as well as an update of the CRM from your site.

ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning )

Integration with an ERP system allows harmonious coordination between commercial operations and the website or application. Whether it is inventory management, order tracking, or financial synchronization, this integration ensures that all data is consistent and up-to-date across the company. We have done many integrations with the famous Dolibarr, if only for the CMS-experts platform, a platform that we have developed for customer support and almost entirely managed by Dolibarr.

Payment systems

Joomla can be integrated with a multitude of payment channels, facilitating online transactions and offering customers safe and transparent purchasing experience. There are so many examples of integration that we could not list them here, if only those made via the components available on the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory of Joomla extensions.

We also have a recent project on which we pilot the entire e-commerce part of a site, whether it be the shop, the management of subscriptions or gift cards, only with the Stripe API. No data is physically present on the site, everything is managed by the client from its Stripe platform. And yet each customer can connect to the site and find their items, purchase orders, invoices, etc.

Marketing and Analysis Tools

If you have had the opportunity to read other articles on this site, you certainly know that the director of the agency ( me ^^ ) has a great passion for marketing and analysis tools. Integration with analysis and marketing platforms allows a better understanding of visitor behavior and the automation of certain marketing tasks. This helps target the right client segments with more relevant and effective campaigns. The possibility of developing tailor-made applications entirely dedicated to marketing is a huge playground on which we enjoy a lot !

Content Management Systems ( CMS ) External and Social Platforms

Joomla can also be linked to other content platforms and social networks, allowing centralized content management and wide scope. Here too we had a project which allowed us to pilot the site of a rental agency via the various rental platforms ( Airbnb, Booking, etc. ). Since everything is synchronized on a central point, the client just has to connect to his Joomla site and "pilot" his residences. Time savings and extraordinary risk reduction.

Adaptability to Specific Company Systems

We are there on one of our flagship activities. If your company uses specific software or a proprietary solution, Joomla allows personalized integrations. This means that your Joomla website or application can communicate and interact with almost any system, ensuring consistency and operational efficiency. We detail this in the following chapters.

It is for all these reasons that we at Agerix have chosen to specialize in Joomla development, in order to provide our customers with the best possible websites and applications.

Why choose a specialized development agency Joomla ?

In the previous chapter we explained all the qualities of CMS Joomla and its ability to support users in their project. The question of why appealing to a specialized development agency Joomla is therefore legitimate. The first answer is that this has many advantages over hiring a general developer.

Agerix has offered pro support since 2009Agerix has offered pro support since 2009If we take our personal experience, we would say that first of all our in-depth expertise in CMS Joomla allows us to provide high quality solutions, personalized according to the specific needs of your company when a general developer could have a basic understanding of several CMS. His knowledge would be more scattered while our specialization allows us to'fully exploit Joomla's potential, thus offering websites and more efficient and efficient applications. In terms of maintenance, our in-depth knowledge of Joomla also allows us to solve problems faster and more effectively. By intimately understanding the functioning of CMS, we are able to identify and correct potential problems before they become major problems. This means less downtime for your website and better experience for your users.

But above all the fact that we are stuck to best development practices Joomla means that we can assure you that your application is built in a secure manner, optimized for your needs and designed to offer the best possible user experience. The KING ( Return on Investment ) will be all the faster as our understanding of your needs is real. And taking into account the investment costs, KING on business application developments is a crucial element !

Another particularly important point, our expertise is reflected in high quality projects, delivered on time. We were talking about KING, understand that we understand that your time is precious and that is why we are committed to respecting the deadlines set, without compromising the quality of the final work. With Agerix, you can be sure that your Joomla project will be managed in a professional and efficient manner.

Joomla development, the power of custom applications

A custom application is software designed specifically to meet the unique and specific needs of a business. Rather than trying to adapt to a generic "one size fits all" solution, a custom application is built around the processes and requirements specific to your business.

The main advantage of such an approach is that it allows for unequaled flexibility and personalization. With a custom application, each functionality, each interface and each process can be designed according to your specific needs. Whether you need special functionality, integration with other software, or a particular user interface, anything is possible with a custom application.

In addition, a tailor-made application can evolve with your company. As your needs change and evolve, your application can be updated and adapted to meet these new requirements. This means that your application is always relevant and useful, whatever the developments in your business.

By choosing to work with Agerix for the development of custom Joomla applications, you have the guarantee that your specific needs will be taken into account at each stage of the process. We are committed to understanding your goals and challenges, and we are using this understanding to create an application that helps you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges. With a custom application of Agerix, you get a solution that works for you, not a generic solution that forces you to adapt to it.

Applications trades with Joomla

A business application is a complex software application designed to help companies manage and optimize their business operations. Whether for inventory management, sales monitoring, customer relationship management, resource planning or any other vital function, business applications play a key role in facilitating and improving business processes.

One of the keys to developing a successful business application is the selection of the right platform, and that's where Joomla excels. Joomla is a robust and flexible platform, which makes it ideal for the development of business applications.

At Agerix, we use Joomla to develop custom-made applications that are both powerful and easy to use. We work closely with our customers to understand their business operations and their specific needs, and then we use this understanding to design and develop applications that improve efficiency, reduce costs and facilitate decision-making.

This is for example what we did for the agency Travel-Safe, a Belgian broker specializing in insurance in the tourism sector. Belgian travel agencies have the obligation to take out specific insurance in order to either guarantee their customers partial or full reimbursement of their trip in the event of problems, either to be covered for damage done by their own fault ( civil liability ), here adapted to the amounts because the damage in travel can be very specific and more serious, therefore correspond to millions of euros of exceptional ( damage ). These insurances are marketed by few insurers because the agency must meet very precise solvency criteria, our application therefore aims to make a financial screening and a solvency study from the candidate agency.

Another example of a business application that allows cost reduction and decision support, the dedicated Joomla business application that we developed for the Academy of 13 the dedicated Joomla business application that we developed for the Academy of 13. François Terrier, the director of the academy, contacted us in order to develop an application that would optimize the management of schedules, renewals, postponements and many other functionalities adapted to their specific needs. Not only did the application allow him to do all of this, but thanks to the centralized management of memberships, enabled him to have a Return on Investment in less than two years. Given these excellent results, the Academy of 13th ordered a version 2 from us and we are currently delivering a version 3 !

We could also give you the example of a business application that automates and streamlines the inventory management process, thereby reducing errors and freeing up time for other important tasks or the one that provides real-time analyzes of sales and market trends, thus providing valuable information for decision-making.

The message we are trying to get across to our interlocutors is that a business application is an essential tool for any modern business, and Joomla is an ideal platform for developing these tools. By calling on Agerix for your development of Joomla business applications, you make sure you have an application that is perfectly suited to your needs, which is robust and effective, and who helps you manage your internal and / or commercial operations in the most efficient way possible.

AGERIX: A strategic partner for your company

At Agerix, we believe in establishing long-term partnerships with our clients. We understand that the development of a website or an application is only the beginning of a company's digital journey. For this reason, we offer not only development services, but also continuous support, regular maintenance and continuous improvements to ensure that your digital solution remains effective, secure and up to date.

Our goal is to become your trusted partner for all of your Joomla necessities. Whether you need to add a new feature, solve a technical problem, or just make sure that your website or application remains optimized and efficient, we are there for you.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with companies of all sizes and from all sectors. For example, we helped a large retail company to optimize its website to increase online sales, and we created a custom job application for an association that has reduced operating costs by 40 %. In each case, we are committed to providing the best possible service, and we are proud of the positive comments we have received from our customers.

One client said, "Agerix has transformed our website from 'fair correct' to 'exceptional'. They understood our needs, proposed creative solutions and have always been available to help us. We see them as an extension of our team."

You will have understood that reading this article, Agerix is more than just a Joomla development agency; we are a partner who is committed to helping you succeed in your digital efforts. With Agerix, you have expert support, reliable maintenance and continuous improvements, to ensure that your Joomla website or application is always up to your needs.

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